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Original Art For Sale

Framed A4 art 570mm x 470mm

Collages can be collected from Anthea's studio in Paraparaumu Beach. Click in description for price and the colour of the wooden frame.

All art works can be posted.

P1271 Cat - nine lives $200
P1269 CAT Snow White $200
P1270 grey cat-brown background $200
P1250 Grasshopper $175
P1261 Rabbit green bow $175
P1242 Portugal red head $155
P1254 Rabbit blue bow $175
P1249 Collie $135
P1243 Cake on stand $155
P1245 Chupa Chup $350
P1247 Sea horse $175
P1244 Cat Profile - The Vault
P1248 Jar of Olives $175
P1246 duck wearing flowers scarf $195
P1241 Bubble tea $175
P1227 Angry Fantail $155
P1217 Tui with pohutakawa $155
P1216 Frida 6 $185
P1200 Maggie - The Vault
P1198 Tui $135
P1196 Tui
P1157 German Shepherd $155
P1149 Hedgehog $155
P1147 Racoon $155
P1094 Balloon dog $135
P1042 Tui
P1035 Rock Wren $135
P1050 Benji
P1102 Kiwi Shopper!
P1071 Horse $135
P1087 Fish bowl $135
P1085 Mojito $135
P1083 Balloon Dog $135

Other sizes

Click to enlarge image

P1266 CAT AIM $495

White Wooden Frame. 40cm x 50cm.

P1266 CAT $495

Black Wooden Frame. 40cm x 50cm.

P1250 Flamenco Dancer $395

Black Wooden Frame. 40cm x 50cm.

P1210 Converse lilac $425

Black Wooden Frame. 40cm x 50cm.

P1206 Tui with Protea $520

White wooden frame

P1207 Feathers $475

Natural wooden frame 40cm x 50cm.

P1234 King Fisher $425

Square Black Frame 480x480mm. Mat opening 300m300mm.

P1233 Red Converse $425

Black Frame 40cm x 50cm.

P1221 Tui and Fantail Abstract $385

Black Wooden Frame. 18" x 22"

P1219 Quirky Magpie A3 $425

Black wooden frame 18" x 22"

P1165 Vespa A3 $420

White wooden frame 40cm x 50cm.

P1111 Tui A3 $270

Black frame 18" x 22"

P1194 Fantail in teacup $385

Black wooden frame. 40cm x 50cm.

700mm x 500mm

Click to enlarge image

P1197 Peacock $455

White Frame

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