Framed – In Stock

Framed collages can be collected from Anthea's studio. Displays can be found at Cafe Lane (Paraparaumu Beach) Big Mac Slabs (Paraparaumu) and Summer Breeze Art Gallery (Raumati).

All art works can be posted.

A3 art with frame 570mm x 470mm

P1121 Tui A3 $270

Online special $240. Please quote 'ONLINE' in email.

P1119 Fantail A3 $270

Online special $240. Please quote 'ONLINE' in email.

P1120 Fantail A3 $270

Online special $240. Please quote 'ONLINE' in email.

P1118 A3 Fantail $270

Online special $240. Please quote 'ONLINE' in email.

P1117 Tui A3 $270

Online special $240. Please quote 'ONLINE' in email.

A4 art with frame  570mm x 470mm

P1116 Tui $135
P1104 Chook $135
P1105 Flanders $135
P1069 Fantail $135
P1068 Tui $135
P1035 Rock Wren $135
P1090 Tui $135
P1102 Kiwi $135
P1065 Pukeko $145
P1101 Fantail $135
P1049 Tomtit $135
P1098 Boho hair $135
P1071 Horse $135
P1091 Fish in bag $135
P1087 Fish bowl $135
P1093 Balloon Dog
P1080 Bumble bee $135
P1092 Pohutakawa $145
P1094 Balloon dog $135
P1085 Mojito $135
P1083 Balloon Dog $135
P1081 Fish in bag $135
P1070 Fantail $135
P1061 Simese Cat $135
P1063 Pug $135
P1009 Giraffe $135
P1058 Fantail $90
P1041 Kingfisher $90

Unframed – In Stock

Collage Art A4 From NZ$110

These collages are light and great for posting within New Zealand or overseas. Price found in description. Please enquire for a commission.



Framing $25 extra. Black or white wooden edging. 15in x13in.

Pick up available from Paraparaumu Beach.

P1114 Fantail

$110 Unframed $135 Framed

P1106 Whale

$110 Unframed $135 Framed

P1109 Penguin

$110 Unframed $135 Framed

P1042 Tui

$110 Unframed $135 Framed

P1050 Benji

$110 Unframed $135 Framed

P1010 Racoon

$110 Unframed $135 Framed

P1057 Tui

$110 Unframed $135 Framed

P1006 Eagle

$110 Unframed $135 Framed

P1030 Bunny

$110 Unframed $135 Framed



P1115 A3 Fantail SOLD

P1066 Frida SOLD

P1100 Puffin SOLD

P1064 Hedgehog SOLD

P1033 Waxeye SOLD

P1039 Kakapo SOLD

P1103 Fantail SOLD

P1099 Chook 1 SOLD

P1038 Tui SOLD

P1076 Monstera SOLD

P1054 Kereru SOLD

P10276 Kiwi pink bow SOLD

P1088 Tui SOLD

P1079 Choice Pies SOLD

P1067 Ninja SOLD

P1062 Puffin SOLD

P1040 Trixie SOLD

P1047 Tui Red SOLD

P1011 Colourful cat SOLD

P1055 Tui SOLD

P1052 Fantail SOLD

P1046 Fantail SOLD

P1044 Pug SOLD

P1026 Tui SOLD

P1048 Fantail SOLD

P1036 Kakapo SOLD

P1045 Fantail SOLD

P1037 Tui Red Kowhai SOLD

CA1018 Beagle SOLD

CA1023 Fantail SOLD

P1028 Tui SOLD

P1007 Tui Brown SOLD

CA1007 Fantail SOLD

Pepper SOLD

CA1019 Tui SOLD

CA1017 Kereru SOLD

Albie SOLD

P1001 Mrs Duck SOLD

CA1012 Tui SOLD

Bella SOLD

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