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If the art work you like has been sold, please enquire, as commissions are welcome.

P1093 Balloon dog multi SOLD
P1258 Bill Bragg SOLD
P1263 Fruit and Veg SOLD
P1252 Cable car SOLD
P1253 Rabbit bow commission SOLD
P1201 Rusty Truck
P1235 Hare with Lupins AEW SOLD
P1237 Mallard ducks (two) SOLD
P1237 Mallard duck (one) SOLD
P1222 Rabbit with Red bow SOLD
P1208 Flamingo SOLD
P1160 Puffin SOLD
P1220 Tui and Fantail SOLD
P1150 Frida 5 SOLD
P1129 Fantail A3 SOLD
P1168 Afghani SOLD
P1211 Fantail with Kowhai Commission
P1214 Winston Commission
P1213 Ned Commission
P1205 Tango Commission
P1204 Buddy commission SOLD
P1203 Tui SOLD
P1131 Burger SOLD
P1049 Tomtit SOLD
P1193 Tui SOLD
P1053 Fantail beige wallpaper
P1178 Tui Sage Green
P1125 Fantail
P1158 Frida6
P1132 coffee cup SOLD
P1081 Fish in bag old wallpaper SOLD
P1135 Bun Bun 2 SOLD
P1104 Chook 2 SOLD
P1127 Fantail SOLD
P1137 Rabbit SOLD
P1193 Tui SOLD
P1080 Bumblebee SOLD
P1091 Fish in bag stripe SOLD
P1178 Tui SOLD
P1161 Kingfisher SOLD
P1128 Tui SOLD
P1164 Leopard SOLD
P1156 Fantail - big A4 frame SOLD
P1159 Tui - big A4 frame SOLD
P1167 Tui SOLD
P1146 Ducks with red bands SOLD
P1136 Rabbit SOLD
P1155 Tui SOLD
P1092 Pohutakawa SOLD
P1057 Tui SOLD
P1070 Fantail SOLD
P1041 Kingfisher SOLD
P1009 Giraffe SOLD
P1145 Frida 4 SOLD
P1141 Frida 3 SOLD
P1142 Coffee SOLD
P1142 Avocado SOLD
P1143 Bread SOLD
P1061 Simese Cat SOLD
P1065 Pukeko SOLD
P1138 Frida 2 SOLD
P1101Fantail SOLD
P1121 Duckling SOLD
P1105 Flanders SOLD
P1063 Pug SOLD
P1068 Tui SOLD
P1124 Fantail SOLD
P1066 Frida SOLD
P1120 Fantail A3 SOLD
P1116 Tui SOLD
P1117 A3 Tui SOLD
P1118 A3 Fantail SOLD
P1090 Tui SOLD
P1112 Tui SOLD
P1115 A3 Fantail SOLD
P1100 Puffin SOLD
P1064 Hedgehog SOLD
P1033 Waxeye SOLD
P1039 Kakapo SOLD
P1103 Fantail SOLD
P1099 Chook 1 SOLD
P1038 Tui SOLD
P1076 Monstera SOLD
P1054 Kereru SOLD
P10276 Kiwi pink bow SOLD
P1088 Tui SOLD
P1079 Choice Pies SOLD
P1067 Ninja SOLD
P1062 Puffin SOLD
P1040 Trixie SOLD
P1047 Tui Red SOLD
P1011 Colourful cat SOLD
P1055 Tui SOLD
P1052 Fantail SOLD
P1046 Fantail SOLD
P1044 Pug SOLD
P1026 Tui SOLD
P1048 Fantail SOLD
P1036 Kakapo SOLD
P1045 Fantail SOLD
P1037 Tui Red Kowhai SOLD
CA1018 Beagle SOLD
CA1023 Fantail SOLD
P1028 Tui SOLD
P1007 Tui Brown SOLD
CA1007 Fantail SOLD
Pepper SOLD
CA1019 Tui SOLD
CA1017 Kereru SOLD
Albie SOLD
P1001 Mrs Duck SOLD
CA1012 Tui SOLD
Bella SOLD
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