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A Framework for cross-government digital investment oversight

​All-of-Government assurance framework for digital investments

Developing a national AI strategy

9 Step Development Process


AI Fintech

Enhancing Langkawi

Unlocking CBD land in Auckland

Re-imagining Huntly, NZ

Future Waihi tourism

​Starting an AI program in Government

China Risks

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All posts

Strategic Planning 


Urban Innovation



Top 10 infrastructure projects in Brisbane, Australia (

Bhutan diaspora

Digital era governance

If digital New Public Management (NPM) is the future - what can be learned from NPM?


Digital Government Units

New Public Management 

Eritrea the missed opportunity 

​Why aren't more Government back office functions delivered through a shared services model

Twenty ideas for government to reduce digital expenditure

 كيف يمكن للمؤسسات إدارة مخاطر الذكاء الاصطناعي

Rangka kerja untuk strategi AI

Bagaimana organisasi boleh menguruskan risiko yang berkaitan dengan Kepintaran Buatan (AI)?

Eight priority underpinnings for digital government transformation

Back office shared services

Lean Government revisited

The CISO template for national cyber security agency priorities

A Framework for an AI strategy

Making the case for ‘Government as a platform’

Different national approaches to support API use

Lessons from the Singapore Government digital blueprint

Are the Government accountants holding back digital transformation

EU advice for API use in public sector innovation

Developing an API management strategy

Prioritising national infrastructure data

The Rwandan AI policy – key elements for comparison

Using GenAI in the nine step policy development process

Cyber security for Boards

Futures thinking | Future studies |Strategic foresight

Using design thinking for public policy development

The 9 basic steps for policy development

Five things small towns can do to attract more tourists

China – Use of outbound tourism for soft power after COVID-19

China - risks to watch for in 2023 #4

China - risks to watch for in 2023 - #3
China - risks to watch for in 2023 - #2

China - risks to watch for in 2023 - #1

​How can organisations manage the risks associated with Artificial Intelligence (AI)?

How should Governments think about AI governance?

Eleven sectors ready for investment in Rwanda

Five reasons to invest in Rwanda in 2023

New infrastructure projects in the Philippines worth knowing about

What are seven (7) alternatives to ChatGPT?

Integrating amusement parks within urban centers

Great planning can enable excellent project delivery

Why we need more solar powered public art installations

Digital nomads towns – how did Ericeira, Portugal become a digital destination?

Seven things to watch with the Malaysian economy in 2023

How street art can become a tourist attraction

Smart city planning to address environmental challenges – the case of Copenhagen

What lessons can be learnt from the Singapore Smart city program?

Important considerations when integrating digital/ICT into Smart city planning

Five cities known for their efforts to utilize integrated digital/ICT to build a Smart city

What are the key characteristics of a ‘Smart City’?


Developing a national AI strategy

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